Powerflor Installation


Easy, Flexible and Cost Effective

Installation, Laying Floor Panels, Starting

Placing The Powerflor

Once the Powerflor arrives at the site, the panels are stagged by stacking the floor panels across the area of the installation. Once this is complete, a foam underlay is rolled out onto the floor to prevent the panels from shifting. Floor panels are then placed tightly next to each other starting from the corner of the install area. Full panels are placed into the area leaving open area only where full panels will not fit. Leaving these areas for edge panels and cut panels. Once the room is filled, edge panels are cut to fit the remainder of the room and pre-glued carpet panels are palced on these cut panels.

Powerflor Install Images:

Placement of the Floor

Outlet Panel Install

Edge Cuts

Adding carpet to edges

Installation, Electrical System, Pre-manufactured wiring

Electrical Assembly

While the floor is being placed, the outlet panels are placed into the floor per the install requirements. Once the floor is placed, duplex outlet inserts are snapped into junction block bases and connected to each other by using our cable assemblies and situated next to its correlating grommet. Then the appropriate floor panels are removed from the system in rows, between the floor and the outlet location. Then electrical outlet chains are placed into the sub floor. The assembled outlet is snapped into the bottom of the grommet, and two locking snap clips are installed. Floor panels are then replaced, covering the electrical system.

Powerflor Electrical Install Images:

Placing Components

Outlet Mounting

Completed installaton

Pre-Terminated Cabling, Cat 6, Communication, Data

Data Assembly

After the electrical assembly is complete the data assembly begins. Pre-terminated communication cable assemblies are rolled out on top of the floor from the network connection point. They are routed in bundled appropriatly for the outlet location. Again appropriate floor panels are removed from the system in rows, between the network connection point and each outlet. Cable bundles are placed in the subfloor and covered with the panels, leaving the jack connectors extending through the grommets. The connections are accatched and secured into the floor and the data install is complete.

Powerflor Data Images:

Routing the cables

Placing components

Finishing Outlet

Move Panel, Lift Panel, Access Cables

Moving The Outlets

Historically moving outlets has been costly and labor intensive, often lacking in location options. With Powerflor that problem is solved. Using a flat bladed tool, remove the selected panel with the coresponding outlet and neccessary adjacent panels. Then simplp reposition the outlet to the desired location and checking all connections. Replace the adjacent panels and your outlet is moved to its new location. With all the panels being the same size, the outlets can be moved to any location within the floor.

Moving Outlet Steps:

Remove Outlet Panel

Remove Adjacent Panels

Relocate Outlet

Replace Panels